Australian Superfoods for Immunity

Superfoods. They’ve had a lot of hype in health and wellness; from goji berries to maca powder; turmeric to spirulina. Not only have they integrated into the everyday lives of health fanatics all over the world, but they’ve made their way to menus and our supermarkets too. 

With a varied and balanced diet, you can get most of the micro-vitamins your body needs; but in an increasingly fast-paced world, it can be tough to keep on top of. That’s where superfoods come in – shortcuts we can add to get the nutrients and vitamins we need.

What are Australian Superfoods? 

Many superfoods have their roots in ancient forms of medicine such as Chinese medicine and ancient civilisations like the Aztecs and Mayans. As they become a modern trend, some products may be more hype than quality; people become fatigued of hearing about them – they’re now mainstream and mass-produced to meet the demand from all around the world. By the time the products reach Australia, they have accrued a lot of food miles!

In reaction to this, Hayley Blieden (the founder of Australian Superfoods) looked closer to home. After trying bush foods and enjoying their unique flavours, Hayley looked into the nutritional value of them. Unsurprisingly, many had amazing health properties – packed full of vitamins and minerals. Used for over 50,000 years, they have been central to indigenous medicine. From finger lime to kakadu plum and wattleseed to pepperberry, each bushfood has its unique nutritional profile and benefits for different systems around the body. 

A focus on immunity 

In winter, our attention turns to our immune system. Also, COVID-19 has made many of us focus on our immunity and search for ways to strengthen it.  One way to do this is ensuring we’re getting enough Vitamin C. 

So what foods are high in Vitamin C? Hayley highlights kakadu plum, citrus fruits like finger lime and desert lime, cantaloupe, kiwi fruit, berries, capsicum, camu camu, acerola cherry and dark leafy vegetables as key sources. What’s more, the Australian Superfoods team have created a ‘Vitamin C Booster’ which combines natural kakadu plum and finger lime extracts with prebiotics and probiotics. “The protective health benefits of vitamin C, prebiotics and probiotics are well established in their own right, but recent evidence suggests that combining the three can supercharge immunity,” says Hayley.

A well-functioning immune system is born from a state of balance in mind, body and nutrition.  At Wellness on Time, we create programs and share products that help people to easily achieve that.  That’s why we are now offering our Immunity Collection for free when you sign up for our 28 Days of Wellness program.

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