Our Approach

Make it easy, make it accessible, make it fun! Wellness on Time, is for every body for every day – we hope to help change the world, one new member at a time.

Our Story

Founded in 2014 by Natalie Pickett, an entrepreneur with a lifestyle and background in health and leisure industries of business, fitness and tourism, Natalie has brought all of those things together in Wellness on Time. As a former fitness instructor when she was having health or injury issues of her own she sought to find activities that would benefit her recovery to allow less need for ongoing medical intervention and greater ease of body movement. “Finding ways that increase the range of movement for your body can bring health benefits and greater life enjoyment.” The program brings together professional instructors from a range of modalities, to keep your program fresh and fun. Some of the videos are shot in the studio but many are shot in wonderful travel destinations so not only do you get the exercise benefit you get an arm chair travel experience as well!

Wellness on Time continues to evolve and expand. In 2023 we were proud to launch our publishing division with best-selling wellness books and the quarterly Wellness on Time Magazine. These global publications bring you wellness tips and guidance from wellness writers and practitioners from around the world.

What we think

Stress, Anxiety, Obesity are the key health problems and causes of many diseases some of which are fatal. Many can be avoided by moving more and creating a healthy lifestyle. Wellness on Time came from an understanding of how difficult it is for people to plan and include wellness activities in their daily schedule. It could be from lack of time or lack of knowledge of what to do. You may have been told that you need to exercise for 30 mins or an hour at a time to get a health benefit. When you can’t find that time in one block, you may end up doing nothing. Studies show that integrating short wellness activities throughout your day will have a health benefit. Finding the time, finding something you like, and remembering what to do is the key.

What we do

Wellness on Time is an online wellness program. The concept of Wellness on Time was created to help people look after themselves by integrating wellness activities into their busy day – everyday. We’ve created a program with a range of modalities. Sign up for our 28 days of Wellness and receive wellness activities delivered to your inbox every day for 28 Days. There are a range of classes to choose from, all presented by professional instructors, to help you to integrate health and wellness habits into your daily routine.

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