Losing weight in lockdown

I see people posting on social media that they are putting on weight whilst in lock down. As someone who has designed wellness programs, and worked from home for many years, I know this doesn’t need to happen. I wanted to do something about it!

Our bodies are amazing, when our system is working in harmony, there is no need for it to store excess weight.  When we do store fat, our body is usually doing that to protect us.

Forget restrictive diets, and hours of exercise that you don’t enjoy.  Eat nourishing, yummy, easy to prepare meals.  Make time to move throughout the day. Connect with your body through breathing, meditation and gentle exercise.  Take a walk each day.

Forget the myth, of no pain, no gain.  It doesn’t need to be hard, make it easy, make it fun.

Let’s remove the ‘weight’ of stress, make time for fun activities and relaxation.

Here are three reasons why your body may be storing fat.

  1. You are regularly feeling a state of stress.

Our bodies are designed to protect its operating system.  When we are dealing with prolonged or persistent stress, our body sets out to protect our vital organs. One way that it does this is by storing fat.

2. The foods that you are eating causing an imbalance.

Certain foods that you are eating are not nourishing and satiating, causing cravings. Or perhaps you are eating food that is causing inflammation in your body, which causes stress and results in your body storing fat.

3. You are not moving throughout the day.

You may have heard, ‘sitting is the new smoking’.  Our bodies are designed to move.  This doesn’t need to be vigorous exercise, even gentle movement, interspersed throughout the day can make a difference.

These three things have one common theme:  they all relate to stress.  Stress is one of the biggest causes of disease in the body, and one of the main reasons that you will put on weight.

Finding ways that nourish and support your body, will restore the natural balance, limit weight gain and help to reduce excess fat.

It is easier said than done, and there is so much information around, it can get very confusing.

Our 5 top tips for losing weight in lock down are:

  1. Use your breath to restore a state of calm in your body.
  2. Take time to sit in nature, gentle walks and meditation.
  3. Choose nutrient dense foods that nourish your body.
  4. Release any feelings of guilt that you have when you take time out to relax or when you eat.
  5. Choose short activities that you enjoy that encourage good body movement throughout the day.

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